Sorry I waited so long to officially declare Divine Intervention deceased, but I kept telling myself, “I want to make one more caption! I want to go out on a bang!” but I’ve come to terms with the fact I can’t really do that anymore. I’m mentally in a different place than I was when I was working on captions for you all, so any caption I write now will be fundamentally different from what you all read this blog for.

I’m sorry for going out entirely bangless, but I had a great time writing captions for Divine Intervention for as long as I did, and I will be eternally grateful to the friends I met, and everyone who read my work. I hope everyone has found new, better caption blogs to fill the void I left behind.

Thank you,

Divine Bandit

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Before and After

This caption is a tad short, so let me throw some extra words on here for the long time readers of this blog. If you’re here for the first time, go on, skip down the page a bit and thanks for visiting.

So, after my last post, which came following an unannounced hiatus of over a year, I had a couple folks ask if I was officially quitting, or coming back full-force, or something. My comment was a tad vague. The reason for my absence was fairly typical, I reckon. TG is a hobby of mine that I’ve explored primarily as a sexual thing. A fetishized thing. While I have always made an effort with my captions to keep things fairly PG, (not-porn, as I jokingly refer to it) I’m well aware of what most of you out there are probably using my works to do. I’m the same.

I started doing captions because I wanted to fill certain niches for myself that I wasn’t getting satisfied by in the works of others. This is all well and good, but when my needs are being satisfied elsewhere, the creative juices are placed in a sock on the floor instead of on the computer screen, and I don’t release any new captions for a year straight. I still enjoy doing them, but I don’t like to release things just for the sake of releasing them. Some of my least favorite captions that I’ve created were ones I pumped out just because I liked a picture, but didn’t have a story for it, or that I made just to keep a schedule. I look back at those captions with embarrassment, especially when those works are the ones that tend to generate the most traffic. So I opt to post nothing instead of captions I had no inspiration for (even though the grand majority of you reading this do not give a flying fuck about my creative processes or integrity.)

So, after a year out of the game, I’ve come back with a few captions. Things are a little different now, though. I’m coming to terms with and trying to educate and explore my identity as a transgender person. Things are kind of changing for me emotionally, and I’m beginning to think and view things from perspectives I had deliberately distanced myself from in the past. I’m scared, confused and unsure of what my next moves will be, but I’m very optimistic for what the future may hold for me as I’m a little more honest with who I am as a person. This is all new to me, so I won’t bore you with sob stories and blah, blah. Let’s get into how this relates to you and this blog you’ve somehow stuck with after it was dead for a year.

I intend to continue making captions as the urge to create them arises, but this has always been a very personal art for me. Feelings, thoughts and desires expressed in these captions are things I had never really intended to share with anyone aside from an anonymous mass. My perceptions of TG and all this stuff is changing. I’ve already noticed a change in my mental process to approaching these most recent captions opposed to my older ones, and I can only imagine the changes to come will become more dramatic. I’m changing as a person, and my captions are likely to change with me. Prior to now, I wrote as someone who was repressed, and now I’m trying to come at you as a someone far more honest and accepting of who I am. My hope is that anyone in a similar boat might find some emotional resonance as I get deeper into the rabbit hole myself.

So thanks to everyone who’s stuck with this blog, or even bothered to read this horribly out-of-character-to-this-site, blog post. Here’s the caption I promised.


girl on girl

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This is it?


What’s a year or two in the world of anime TG captions anyways?

thats it

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Doctor Expo’s Less Than Excellent Adventure

I seriously have no idea how I’m even able to post this today. Anyways, enjoy. Time travel is a popular theme these days, huh?

adventure of expo 1

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Susie Cue

Susie Cue

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Time Gals 3: Homecoming

[Time GirlsTime Girls 2]

The conclusion to the hit trilogy.

harmless fun 3 time gals 3

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Time Gals 2: Timejinks

[Time Girls – Time Girls 3]

harmless fun 2 time gals 2

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Sisterhood of the Shooting Star – Penny

Sorry for the delay, folks. Caught a bug, and I had decided to wait until the last minute to make the caption. I goofed, sorry!

[ Intro | Tabitha | June | Eva | Penny | ???]

sisterhood 5

Will there be more? I dunno’. Did you guys like this little collaboration?

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Sisterhood of the Shooting Star – June

[ Intro | Tabitha | June | Girl 3 | Girl 4 | ???]



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Collaboration – Sisterhood of the Shooting Star

This isn’t a full caption proper, it’s the beginning of a little collaboration between Divine Intervention and TG Captions Cafe. This week, we’ll be chronicling the stories of four boys that made a wish. The first chapter is in the cafe, and the second will be here on Wednesday. Third on that site on Friday, and the final one will be here on Saturday. Enjoy.

[ Intro | Tabitha | June | Girl 3 | Girl 4 | ???]

sisterhood 1

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Heart Throb Candy

 Heartthrob Candy

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Nothing to See Here



nothing suspicious


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The Other Team

I missed two weeks, so why don’t you take this extra caption and pretend it never happened, okay? I’m actually pretty excited about finishing this caption since I’ve had this image on hand for a long while now. I wrestled in high school, and occasionally fantasized about… Well, I’m sure you can figure that out for yourself.  Let’s just say this one’s personal.

The Other Team

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“I Just Love It!”





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