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I'm a passionate fan of anime and manga, and a lover of the bodyswap trope. I figured I'd smoosh the two into one with some anime-based TG captions.


  Sorry I waited so long to officially declare Divine Intervention deceased, but I kept telling myself, “I want to make one more caption! I want to go out on a bang!” but I’ve come to terms with the fact … Continue reading

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Before and After

This caption is a tad short, so let me throw some extra words on here for the long time readers of this blog. If you’re here for the first time, go on, skip down the page a bit and thanks … Continue reading

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This is it?

  What’s a year or two in the world of anime TG captions anyways?

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Doctor Expo’s Less Than Excellent Adventure

I seriously have no idea how I’m even able to post this today. Anyways, enjoy. Time travel is a popular theme these days, huh?

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Susie Cue

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Time Gals 3: Homecoming

[Time Girls – Time Girls 2] The conclusion to the hit trilogy.

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