Legend of the Magic Cupcake

The Legend of the magic cupcake was well known in Jack Armstrong High School. There had been a cupcake sitting in a glass case in the school’s cafeteria ever since the school was built. No one knew anything specific, but it was supposed to do something magical once you take a bite. Lots of kids thought they were brave enough to try it, but they all backed down once they realized the cupcake was over thirty years old. Finally, on a dare, one boy finally took a fork and took a bite out of the cupcake. To his surprise, it was moist, and warm, as if it had only just come out of the oven moments ago. At first, he felt nothing strange. Next, he became dizzy, and his vision became blurry. Colors distorted and mixed together all around him. The cupcake haze made him delirious, and his skin seemed to crawl on its own. All of his weight seemed to be vanishing. Even his clothes were beginning to feel lighter. Lighter, and tighter, as something crawled up his legs, clinging tight to them, all the way from the tips of his toes to his waist. Something seemed to be missing, though, he didn’t think much of it, as he was distracted by the sound of his own hair growing at rapid speed.

The girl who had collapsed after eating the decades-old pastry was taken to the nurse to rest, while the lunch lady placed a new magic muffin in the case, where no one would know the difference.

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Application Infiltration – 05

Agent 319555-X, a former agent of the Application Infiltration program who went rogue with a body he used for a mission, had been pinpointed and was set to have his mind forcefully brought back to the base through an app installed on his alarm clock. Agent 008245 would be the one to switch places with him. While the former agent slept, the program was activated!

008245 awoke in to a face full of sun. It wasn’t abnormal to remain sleeping when transferred into an unconscious body, but it seemed very late. Shouldn’t the alarm clock have woken him up sooner? The specialist looked around and found the alarm on a nearby dresser. A small black box was centered on the screen, with text that read, “This app has been successfully uninstalled.”

He leaped out of bed, and sprinted to a nearby mirror. “SHIT!” he screamed, with the high-pitched voice of the girl in his reflection. 319555-X had been wise to their plan from the very beginning, and used some random fling as a scapegoat for his escape. Left without means to contact base and no way of knowing who’s body he was momentarily trapped in, 008245 hit the snooze, and climbed back into the bed.

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Sister Love

Henry and Sally had been friends since they were really young. Now in the sixth grade, Henry was starting puberty, and girls were beginning to look very different to him. Not Sally, though. His eyes were set on her sister, Mary. She was so pretty and she had always been so kind to him, even when she had babysat the two of them as kids.

During a field trip to a new museum in the city, Sally and Henry sneaked away from the main group and sneaked into an exhibit hall that was not yet open. The room was not lit up, so they could barely see, but the faint light from the next room shone enough to reveal a statue in the middle of the room. Sally tried to hold him back by the arm, but Henry ran up to it while she clung on. The moment he touched it, both kids froze, and toppled to the ground, slowly fading from consciousness. When they came to, they were back at school, being scolded by their teacher.

“Sally, you can go. I know this boy must have pressured it into it, but Henry! You’re going to serve detention for this!” Henry sighed, but the teacher took Sally by the arm, and led her away instead of him. Henry didn’t understand what had just happened, but he wandered outside anyways, when Mary came to pick up her sister.

“Ready to go home, Sally? Have a good day?”

Henry looked around, and then down at himself, and twisted his hips, watching Sally’s skirt twirl around him. He was about to panic, and then Mary gave him an offer that he could never refuse…

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Girls Rule!

“No fair! How am I supposed to beat you at this game when I’ve never played it before in my life?”

Karin held a lot of pride in the fact that she was a girl gamer. She would always go out of her way to mention that she was a gamer, and yes, she was indeed a girl. She thought it made her so much better than the boys, who, she thought, would be bowing before her glorious set of gaming boobs.

Pride didn’t go without confidence. Karin was not only convinced that being a girl who played games made her special, but also that she was the BEST gamer. She was so confident, that when she callously challenged the school’s self-proclaimed video game champ, she bet her “Body,” that she could win.

The woman was put in her place- On even ground with the boys, that is. The girl gamer had only learned that being a girl was nothing special after she had already stopped being a girl.

“Stop complaining. You challenged ME, and you were the one who proposed this crazy bet. I’ll play you again, but you’ve gotta’ come up with something else to bet if you wanna’ win your body back.”

“Just give it back! Please, Give it back!”

“Stop it. Boys don’t cry.”

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Possession Princess

Link felt bad for Princess Zelda. Her soul was ripped out and her body was stolen by the demon king. Even after they defeated him and saved Hyrule, Zelda couldn’t go back to her body for good. His evil soul had corroded the inside of her body beyond repair. Forced to live as a ghost for the rest of her existence, Zelda started to branch out with her possession powers. She possessed men, women, kings, other princesses, and even tried to steal Link’s body. He still felt bad for the body-less princess, so he did not stop her, but when she tried to posses the new ruler of Hyrule, Link had no choice but to deal with Zelda like he dealt with the rest of the ghosts…

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The Sinister Scheme of Dr. Wily

After years of having his evil schemes thwarted by Dr. Light and his robot assassin, Megaman, he had finally reached the end of his supply of fighting robot masters. This could have been the end for the scientist, but he was given a good idea by one of his cohorts in the mad science league, Dr. Expo. Years ago, Dr. Wily had changed his brain into a robotic hard drive, so he could preserve his own life. He’d never be able to kidnap Megaman, but he was able to kidnap his friend, Roll! Wily put his brain into her body, and threw hers on the ground and incinerated it with his Rollbuster. Not only could he now match the blue bomber- the little blue robot would never be able to kill him if he looked like this!

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Pirate Lore: The Defeat of Samus Aran

After cycles of defeats at the hands of the hunter, Samus Aran, we have been victorious. Mother Brain and Ridley have been avenged!

The Phazon Transfer Device has been nonoperational for years, but after discovering a new source of phazon on DM-924 finished the experiment and brought the machinery online. Our Elite Pirate Troopers overwhelmed the hunter and brought her to this lab. Once her mind was exchanged with one of our Pirate Grunts, she was no longer a threat and detained with ease. The grunt occupying Samus Aran’s skin is to receive a promotion upon completion of a full examination and analysis of the hunter’s body.

The Grunt in question has begun to show signs of aggression toward his examiners. Reasons for this are unknown but it’s a suspected side effect of the Phazon Transfer. More experimentation will be required.

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