The Magic Pantyhose

Gary had always been intrigued by pantyhose. Were they warm? Did they make your legs sweaty and sticky? Were they airy and cool? He loved the way they made girls look, but a morbid curiosity within him longed to know first hand what it was like to wear tights. When it finally drove him nuts, he sneaked into his sister’s bedroom, and stole a pair.

As Gary rolled the stockings up his legs, his limbs seemed to thin. For a moment, his leg hairs poked through from between the fibers, but they too seemed to melt away. Once they were firmly in control of his lower body, Gary took a look in the mirror, and thought, “This doesn’t look right.”

Of course! No one would walk around with just pantyhose. You wore clothes over them. At first, Gary put his jeans back on over them, but then they were hidden. He wanted to look at the beautiful hosiery! Since he was already in her room, he took a skirt from his sister’s closet as well and put it on, and then the matching top.

As he pulled the shirt on, Gary felt his upper body melt away, and then suddenly POP forward! When he next looked in the mirror, he found the startling image of himself, looking much like his sister, except for the face. He could feel and see as his face and head shift and rearrange itself. His hair was changing color and growing before his eyes. His features were softening. He was turning into his sister!

The process was breathtaking to watch. The only thing that tore his attention away from the mirror was the sound of his sister’s door being opened up from the outside.

About divinebandit

I'm a passionate fan of anime and manga, and a lover of the bodyswap trope. I figured I'd smoosh the two into one with some anime-based TG captions.
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2 Responses to The Magic Pantyhose

  1. Anime -L says:

    Can anyone tell me anime name ? Or other animes with similiar topic ?

  2. eleventhdr says:

    ay hads alway’s realized that he justn had to finally find a real way to transform himself into the girl that was inside of his againg male body

    he ached to be a little girlie

    and to be wearing cute pretty girlie cloth’s dresses skirts skips panties

    to have breast and a pussy down tgheir between his legs” he had always wanted this

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